We are committed to supporting makers and investing in the future of craft. Through our scholarship program, we help new artisans begin to build their businesses with One Of A Kind. Those who are just starting out, or are travelling to the show from far away, can apply for financial assistance to ease the upfront financial costs of their first show.


  • Scholarships are open to first-time applicants of the One Of A Kind Show.
  • Applicants are welcome to apply for more than one opportunity, but in order to spread the love to as many new artisans as possible, you are only eligible to receive one.
  • Unless otherwise stated, scholarships are only applicable to regular booths, ex. 5'x10, 10'x10', etc, and are limited in quantity, so the application for a scholarship does not guarantee receipt.
  • Scholarship applications should be submitted in conjunction with a completed online application.


In addition to your completed online application, we want to hear about how our scholarship program will help you make the most of your first One Of A Kind Show. We encourage you to view our event as an immersive creative small business bootcamp and soak up every opportunity to grow with the show. Set goals, plan and find the resources to help you achieve them! We're talking about sales, of course, but think outside of the box too! 

For example, your goals may include:

  • Build My Best Booth: Building a booth for your first show can be an undertaking, as you absorb upfront costs that will carry you through subsequent show years. If you know you really want to make a splash with your booth display, tell us how these scholarships funds will help you invest in your booth display for your first year at OOAK.
  • Grow My Social Media Followers by X: Social media is the fastest, free tool for small businesses to grow their customer base, so we encourage all makers to get on and get posting! Once you are comfortable on social, using funds to boost your posts can be a great way to promote special content or your upcoming events. If you want to grow your social following this year, tell us how scholarship funds will free up some resources to up your social game for the show.
  • Expand My Maker Community: No one understands the daily challenges and triumphs of your business and life better than your fellow makers. One Of A Kind can be a great place to connect with fellow makers to learn about best business practices and find opportunities for growth and collaboration. Tell us how this scholarship would help you make connections in the maker community--ie. having extra funds to hire sales help to free up time to connect with fellow makers throughout the show.
  • Land New Wholesalers: The show can be a great enticement to draw out retailers and a great backdrop to showcase the professionalism and polish of your work. Want to land new retailers to up your wholesale game? Tell us how a scholarship would allow you to set yourself up to land new wholesale clients.
  • Accomplish my First Big Show: If this is your first year, it's okay if all you want to do is make it through. Tell us how a scholarship will help you have a smoother and more successful first show that will set you up for success with One Of A Kind for years to come.

So, tell us below how these extra funds will help you make the most of your first show and set you up for a long and successful career with One Of A Kind.

Use the same company name you did or will use on your show application.
Please use the same email you provided in your show application.


We are committed to investing in the future of craft, so our scholarship program helps new artisans start to build their business with One Of A Kind. Follow the link below and tell us how a scholarship would help you make the most of your first show. Only scholarship applications with corresponding mailed application packages will be considered. Note that you are welcome to apply for more than one, but in order to spread the love to as many new artisans as possible, you are only eligible to receive one.


Open to first-time applicants who have been practicing their craft for less than 5 years, this grant reduces booth fees by $1,000.


Open to first-time applicants coming from outside of Ontario, this grant is designed to assist with travel, shipping and accommodation expenses by reducing booth fees by $500.


For the upcoming shows, half of our Rising Stars Section will be awarded in priority for makers and artisans who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or Persons of Colour. Up to 10 BIPOC-identifying vendors will be selected for this scholarship and each will also receive up to 50% off their Rising Stars Space (with a minimum order of a 3' x 3' space). Applicants must also be Rising Stars eligible as first-time exhibitors with less than 5 years in their art or craft. 


As the preferred insurance partner at One Of A Kind, we are proud to present the Let’s Duuo This Scholarship powered by Duuo at the upcoming 2023 One Of A Kind Winter Show. Duuo knows that prepping for an event is tough work. Making travel arrangements, setting up a booth, creating your marketing strategy - there are a lot of moving pieces to account for. The Lets's Duuo This Scholarship by Duuo aims to make your participation at little easier so you can make the most of your time at the show. 

Eligibility for The Duuo scholarship eligibility is limited to those participating in the 2023 One Of A Kind Winter Show  who are new to the show or who have not participated in the last 5 years AND are participating with standard booths only (5x10, 10x10, etc. this excludes Rising Stars, Booth Share, etc.). Preference will be given to small businesses owned by underrepresented groups (BIPOC-owned, Disability-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, etc).

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